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​​​About Us

The Soups On! Luncheon is the signature event of the Stewpot Alliance. As a volunteer group, the Stewpot                                 Alliance works to support, spread the news and gather funding for the lifesaving services provided by                                         The Stewpot helping Dallas’ homeless and at-risk populations. The Stewpot is also making a significant                                       impact with its innovative outreach project Encore Park.  

Everyone is invited to become a member of the Stewpot Alliance. Your participation will help change lives.

Membership levels:

$ 50 Member                  $125 Sustaining Member                      $480 Sustaining Patron

Print a membership form for mailing or join online using your credit card.

Print a sponsorship form for mailing or donate online using your credit card.

If you would like more information, please email us at

Stewpot Alliance 2017-2018 Board Members

Megan Lapham Martin
 - President                                        Stacy Roush - President Elect

Allison Salas Fasy - Soup's On! Co-Chair                             Kelly Garlock - Soup's On! Co-Chair

Stephanie McKee - Administrator                                          Maliska Haba - Secretary                                                     

​Logran Perryman - Treasurer                                                Julie Marshal - Parliamentarian

Social Media Chair - Open                                                     Emily Turner - Education

​Antonia Hubert - Volunteerism                                               Debbie Johnson - Recruitment

​Lauren Foreman - Fall Party                                                  Penny Marshall  - Spring Party

Deepa Lal - Christmas Tea                                                    Sallie Rosenberg - Art Co-Chair                                                    

Brooke Gibbs - Talent Show                                                  Rosemary Robbins - Art Co-Chair                                                                                                                                                

Susie Simon, Christi Nicolas, Kristine Schwope, Suzy Cravens - At-Large

Amy Desler - Lil' Stewpot Stewards Liaison                          Pat Bywaters - Encore Park Liaison

Rebecca Eldridge - The Stewpot Liason