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Art for the Soul

Art & Auction Items

The 2018 Soups On! Luncheon will feature amazing paintings and jewelry for sale from Dallas’ homeless and at-risk populations in addition to wonderful auction items. The proceeds benefit The Stewpot, one of Dallas’ most essential lifesaving nonprofits helping the homeless and at-risk families rebuild their lives.

Above are items from our 2017 luncheon made by artists from the Stewpot Open Art Program which is a community outreach serving the homeless and at-risk populations of Dallas. It engages people looking for an environment to express and create through the medium of art. Classes are held daily, Monday through Friday, and exhibitions of work are held monthly throughout the metroplex. 100% of the proceeds from the pieces sell are paid directly to the artist to give them a trade and living wage, too. The artist then donate 10% to the art program to pay for their supplies, training and the program.