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Chef Suki Otsuki - Mudhen

Chef Abraham Salum - Salum

Chef Jeramie Robison - Uchi

Chef Caroline Perini - Easy Sliders

Chef Janice Provost - Parigi

Chef Anastacia Quinones - Oddfellows

Chef Omar Flores - Whistle Britches

Chef Graham Dodd - The Statler



Executive Chef/Owner
The Grape 

A graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, Chef Brian C. Luscher purchased the popular Greenville Avenue bistro The Grape in 2007 where he had previously served as executive chef from 2001-2004. The restaurant, which also celebrated a 35-year anniversary in 07, satisfied Luscher’s life-long dream of becoming Chef/Owner of his own restaurant. Courtney, Luscher’s wife of 12 years, operates the dining room as General Manager.

Our 2018 All-Star Chefs 


Chef Chair Brian Luscher

Chef Danyele McPherson - Remedy & HG Supply Co