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Welcome to the 2018 Soup’s On! Luncheon

The Stewpot Alliance invites you to join us in celebrating a monumental milestone, the 10th anniversary of the annual Soup’s On! Luncheon, “A Tribute to Our Tenth.”

To celebrate this milestone, the Soup’s On 2018 Luncheon will be held on January 29, 2018 at the newly renovated Statler Hotel. The event will feature great food from some of Dallas’ finest chefs under the direction of Brian Luscher, owner of The Grape, and all proceeds from the event will benefit the 40+ years’ worth of life- changing work that The Stewpot has spearheaded.

​During the luncheon, Kristina Wandzilak and mother Constance Curry, co-authors of "The Lost Years: Surviving a Mother and Daughter's Worst Nightmare", present The Lost Years: A Story of Redemption. A mother-daughter raw and genuine story. Adding a heart-wrenching counterpart, to each chapter of the book, Kristina's mother, Connie, gives a parent’s picture of what was happening throughout her child's experience. She describes her powerlessness to help her addicted daughter, the break-up of her unhappy marriage and how she comes to terms with her own co-dependency.

The luncheon also includes an art sale of original paintings from artists of the Stewpot Open Art Program as well live music by the Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy's Jazz Band.